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One Minute Feature With Perry LaHaie
Cast Yourself In tells the amazing stories of Jesus' extraordinary work in the Muslim world. More Muslims have decided to follow Jesus in the last twenty years than in the previous 1400 years of Islam.

From Miriam, a believer from Muslim background whose Muslim uncle had just died. Just after he passed Miriam prayed and breath returned to her uncle's lungs. Miriam's uncle and nine other Muslim family members decided to follow Jesus. To Rebecca, a believer from Muslim background in Iran who gave a bible to an Islamic leader outside a food market. With tears running down his face he said: "Last night I had a dream of Jesus. He told me to come to this place and that someone would bring me a bible."

Cast Yourself In is story after story after story of Muslims putting their faith in the living Jesus. "These stories aren't being heard in mainstream media. My heart is to let Jesus' people know what he's doing and that he's inviting us into his unprecedented work," says Perry LaHaie, creator and voice for Cast Yourself In.

Cast Yourself In is a ministry of FrontiersUSA: With love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus. "Muslims are coming to Jesus. Still most Muslims have never heard the gospel. Our passion at Frontiers is to send messengers of Jesus into the Muslim world so that every Muslim has the chance to follow Jesus," says LaHaie.

Perry LaHaie is a morning show radio host, singer, songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist whose passion is to mobilize Jesus' people to reach the rest of the Muslim world in this generation.

In 2020 Perry released his latest album, Him, a 10-song collection of original songs and reimagined hymns that tells the grand, epic story of God coming to rescue every tribe and tongue.
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About Perry LaHaie
Perry LaHaie is co-host of Perry and Shawna Mornings in Grand Rapids, MI, and Frontiers singer, songwriter, worship leader, recording artist and Cast Yourself In creator, whose passion is to mobilize Jesus' people to reach the rest of the Muslim world in this generation.

"I'm passionate about Jesus because He found me at my worst, embraced me, and loved me unconditionally," says LaHaie. "His love for me fuels everything I get to do for him."

Perry's creative content focuses on the beauty of Jesus and his heart for the least reached: Creative content that pulses with a passion for Jesus and for those who don't have the gospel, yet.

"What I pray and long for is for us to come face to face with the astounding grace of Jesus and to be awakened, perhaps like never before, to take that grace to our neighbors and to the nations."

Perry works with Frontiers, an international mission community reaching Muslims across the Muslim world. His heartbeat is to mobilize vision, prayer and workers for the over 1000 Muslim people groups that are still waiting to hear the gospel.

His bride Teresa helps hurting kids through Community Mental Health in Holland, MI. They have two twenty something children, Kali, Taylor and his wife Bri who always beat Perry at Settlers of Catan.

Perry likes to workout, have warm conversations at Starbucks, read great books like The Reason for God by Tim Keller and C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy as well as anything that helps him go deeper in the gospel like Abba's Child by Brennen Manning. He also wants to be like Jason Bourne someday but without hurting anyone.
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